The EMWT®21 

Concluded successfully!

on December 1st / 2nd 2021.

We thank all presenters, participants and supporters for their efforts and contributions and hope you could take some new knowledge out of it as well.

Please stay tuned on this website a little while longer, as we bring together the presentations and prepare the download area.

Last but not least a big "Thank you" goes to our sponsors and their patience, without whom the path to this conference would have much more difficult!

The forever change

Latest changes and news

are found here in chronological order.

  • 17.12.2021: Presentations are available for download through the download page.

  • 3.12.2021: Wrap-up ongoing and therefore the content related to registering etc. has been removed.

  • 19.11.2021: Due to the developing health situation with many restrictions put back we were forced to switch the EMWT® 21 to an online-only event.

  • 15.11.2021: Registrations are still open and will stay so until 24.11.2021. If you haven‘t yet registered, please do so!

  • 4.11.2021: First issue of the conference program is online on the agenda page.

  • 1.10.2021: Added a page with information on Covid-19 and the measures that apple for the EMWT® 21.

  • 20.4.2021: Registration for the EMWT® 21 is open.

  • 7.9.2020: Website moved to new name (from Updates to text, date, logo will follow.

  • 2.9.2020: EMWT®20 postponed to EMWT®21.

  • 31.3.2020: Opening of registration and submission of abstracts for presentations. And sponsors are very welcome!

  • 10.3.2020: We present a choice of recommended accommodations.

  • 6.12.2019: Announcement of the EMWT®20 at the EMWT®19 in Toulouse. This website goes live.