What about the Coronavirus?

Covid-19 for EMWT® 21

The EMWT® 21 needs to follow the rules and precautions. Below you find a summary on the topic.

Requirements for entry into Switzerland can be found on the page of the Federal Office of Public Health. The easiest to find out about anything you need is by using the interactive travelcheck tool. Upon entering Switzerland you also need to fill out an entry form.

To attend the EMWT® 21 on its venues, all you need are three things:

  • A valid Swiss Covid certificate or any certificate compatible to it - explained here. This includes all EU digital certificates and certificates compatible with those. It may also be on paper, as the QR code is what makes it digital 😉.

  • A valid official identity document. This includes passports, IDs, driver licenses, residence or work permits, etc.

  • A face mask covering nose and mouth.

If for instance the face mask will be redundant by the time the conference takes place, we will inform so accordingly upon the opening of the conference.

The fine print, the paragraphs and other details

More about it

As we are all aware there is more on the subject. This summary tries to put together the most relevant additional sources of information. Please be aware that these are updated, disappear or new ones appear, so please check back every once in a while.

The official pages that apply directly to the event may be found here. If in doubt or you find some information is missing, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail at info@emwt21.ch:

  • The Swiss office of public health publishes it all here: Link (English page)

  • Entry into Switzerland is also described on the page of the Swiss office of public health or directly on its page here. Most notably this form needs to be filled in upon entry into Switzerland. To get full picture of what is needed, the easiest way is to use the interactive travel check tool. It will put together all requirements and recommendation for you - we highly recommend to run that check.

  • Our venue on the ETH Hönggerberg Campus in Zürich is governed by the site's rules, as can be found here. Please be aware that we additionally have to hand in a concept for approval by the ETH Zürich, describing our measures for handling the health situation at the conference. The restrictions formulted in there take precedence over the web page. Nonetheless the ETH Zürich may also put additional measures into place. From all we know today, as long as you are complying to the "certificate plus ID plus mask" scheme, all will be be fine. Any special arrangement on top of this would be announced in time or on site if appropriate (ie spacing requirements etc.)

  • When using public transport, face masks are mandatory, but not certificates. In detail (and English) you find it explained here.

  • Be aware that different regulations might apply among any intermediate country along your travel route to Switzerland and your way back. And please do not forget about your residence countries rules upon returning.

  • Access to any interior dining space in Switzerland presumes  a valid and accepted certificate and respective official ID (as above or detailed here). Dining outside in December is a cold affair plus our lunch and evening event venues will be both inside, mandated accordingly.

If you need to cancel your registration, please be aware that we will fully refund it, but until seven days before the start of the event only (23.11.2021). This is due to logistical reasons and that we will also be billed for costs incurred by reservations. We feel that any Covid related cancellations should be known before that date, as measures announced by states concerning the conference’s date are generally known sooner than those seven days ahead.