Got a presentation to share?

Presenting at the EMWT® 21

With the change to an online event, presenting changed as well!

To everyone presenting at the EMWT® 21 - up front a big "Thank You!" that we will unfortunately not be able to tell you in person.

We will use the WebEx platform for the event. As is the case with all online conferencing tools, the quality both for feeding content as well as for participating in the audience is sometimes less than perfect. For a conference as this one we want to reduce the number of possible disturbances as much as possible.

So we kindly ask for your support in helping us bringing a better experience to the audience. We want to do this by showing pre-recorded presentations. For this we need you to produce a video file including your narration on the audio track.

Most presentation tools should support you in creating a video from your presentation. For Microsoft’s Powerpoint these two online help pages by Microsoft might be helpful:

When putting together your video, please remember that each presentation has a time budget of 20 minutes for the video and will be followed by 5-10 minutes of Q&A.

We kindly ask you to submit a link for downloading your video by Friday, 25.11.2021 to If you are unable to provide a link please contact us to arrange for other means.

While we strongly recommend recording your presentation as a video ahead to assure the best possible experience for the audience. However you may present your presentation directly in WebEx if you prefer to do so.