Where will it take place?

Siemens Auditorium, ETH Zürich

The ETH Zürich graciously allows us to use the Siemens Auditorium on their Hönggerberg campus for the meeting. The auditorium is room „E 51“ located in the „HIT“ building as pointed out on the adjacent map.

The venue is conveniently located on a hill overviewing the surroundings. Being in the middle between Zurich Airport and the City Center it is reachable by public transportation in about 30 minutes from either location as well as from a wide choice of accommodation places in the vicinity. 

When planning please note that the ETH has two campuses in Zürich. Don't be misguided by the other one in the City Center (near the Central Station / Limmat river, also called „Hauptgebäude/Main Building").

When feeling hungry or thirsty?

Food and beverage

Meals are included in the registration fee. During the meeting, water will be made freely available. 
 If you have any special needs for you meals, please contact the organisers ahead.

  • Arriving sooner?

    If you are looking for tips (also for non-food attractions), please do not hesitate to contact the organisers.

  • Wednesday, 1. December

    Starting with Welcome Coffee in the morning, continuing with lunch and a gala dinner in the evening the meals will be provided.

  • Thursday, 2. December

    The second day will unfortunately not bring a common dinner, as the meeting closes before that. But we are still looking forward to having lunch together which we will provide for you.

  • Staying longer?

    If you are looking for tips (also for non-food attractions), please do not hesitate to contact the organisers.

Need connection?

Internet access / Mobile phone networks

A word of warning here: Switzerland is NOT part of the EU. The EU roaming regulation assuring fixed roaming rates does therefore not apply, neither for voice nor data. Some EU providers therefore smell the money in it by charging you with inordinate roaming charges for using Swiss networks. So please check with your mobile network provider on your options before enabling roaming access in Switzerland. It could avoid an expensive surprise!

On site at the ETH campus public WLAN is provided, please check the following: