What is it all about?

Topics of the EMWT® 21

This conference aims to bring together people, their research, ideas and visions on the topics listed below, all centered on the influence and consequences applying those topics to wind turbines.

  • Electromagnetic wave propagation 

  • Electromagnetic characterisation of wind turbines

  • UAV based measurements

  • Passive and active radars

  • Doppler signatures

  • VOR and other NAVAIDs

  • Multilateration systems

  • Direction finding

  • Weather radar

  • Wind profiler

  • Microwave links

  • Interference measurements with electromagnetic wave propagation and waveforms

  • Numerical simulations of interferences

  • Related topics

    What was is about in the past?

    Previous EMWTs

    The first EMWT® was held in 2016 at the Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR, Wachtberg, Germany. From there it moved on year by year. To get an idea of what the EMWT® was and is about, you may also refer to the homepages of the past conferences. You find them linked here: